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Swing Calendar Component and Java Date Picker Applet - easy to use date components
Providing Tip-of-the-day functionality for Java Swing Applications
The JTipOfTheDay is an elegant solution to a common requirement - applications can take on a more professional appearance through the use of a "Tip Of The Day" dialog display when the application start up.

JTipOfTheDay allows you to implement this desirable feature in just a few lines of code, and easily configure the look or the tips window with your own style.

Event listeners can be registered to listen for changes to the current tip - this information can be stored in whatever way you choose, to be read in again next time your application starts up.

Because this component is also a JavaBean, you can use it in your IDE just like any other Swing component.

A single developer licence costs just $30 - order 5 licences for $25 each, or 10 at only $20 each! Source code licences are also available for $300.

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