Simple News made even simpler!

This is the homepage of JazzNewsPro - an extension of JazzNews, the *FREE* News displayer applet also available from this site.

JazzNewsPro is more than just a news ticker applet. Much more. It is a full graphical environment for writing your News items, and features the unique ability to automatically generate both your HTML code and JAR archives to make the process of getting news onto your site even easier.

Full control over the applets is given within the GUI - every parameter is exposed for you to set. 2 applets are provided at present, with more applets planned. The applets have no restriction on their usage, so you can place them on as many sites as you require.

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Features of JazzNewsPro

  • Graphical environment for editing News  
  • Fully customisable applets
  • Can include a background image
  • Can link headlines to other web pages
  • All colours and fonts can be altered
  • No limit on the number of news items
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