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High Quality 3D Rendering API for Java

Welcome to the homepage of Jazz3D - an API for providing 3D rendering in any Java applet or Java application.

Jazz3D is a very powerful, mature Java 3D library - now at version 3.1, development originally began over 5 years ago. Since then, many changes have been made to the structure of the library, culminating in the product we have available today.

Update: 31st August 2007 - Work has finally begun on Jazz3D 4. This will be a group-up rewrite of the API, and will feature OpenGL-based rendering.

Update: 29th January 2006 - New version uploaded supporting different renderers within a single object.

Update: 30th April 2005 - New version uploaded fixing a problem with the Camera pointAt method.

Update: 9th April 2005 - New version uploaded fixing a bug in the 3DS object loader.

Update: 9th March 2005 - New version uploaded supporting off-screen rendering in Headless mode.

3D Java programming has never been so easy. Designed to work in both applets and applications, you can create your 3D world in just a few lines of code, and add in interactivity with just a few more. Check out the many 3D demos for example Java source code. Even the more sophisticated rendering modes can be activated with only a small amount of effort.

To get a closer look at the many excellent features of this Java 3D library, click here. Or, you can also view the API JavaDocs online!

Java 3D renderer screenshot

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