Simple News - on your website...

This is the homepage of JazzNews - a simple *FREE* News displayer applet which can be placed on any website to deliver large amounts of interactive content, with minimal fuss.

The free version of JazzNews is now ready! You can download the full version from this site, and see loads of demos of JazzNews in action. It really is a very versatile program - check it out!

Alternatively, for just $25 you could get JazzNewsPro. This recently released program offers an easy-to-use GUI front-end to JazzNews, along with some much enhanced functionality. Check it out here.

Features of JazzNews

  •  Fully customisable
  •  Small and fast (< 8k)
  •  Can link headlines to other web pages
  •  All colours and fonts can be altered
  •  Uses an easy to learn file format, based on HTML
  •  No limit on the number of news items
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