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Swing Calendar Component and Java Date Picker Applet - easy to use date components
Finally - a professional-looking color picker for Java
Our AdvancedColorChooser component is designed as a total replacement for the JColorChooser that comes with Java. Like all of our components, it can also be used as a JavaBean in your favorite GUI designer.

Whilst the API interface is based on the original JColorChooser that comes with Swing, this color picker has a closer resemblence to the kind of color picker found in commercial painting programs.

Features include:

  • Easy selection of color based on graphical display of hue/saturation/lightness values
  • "Recent Colors" section.
  • "Custom Colors" section, where popular colors can be stored.
  • Add your own data source for the Custom Colors - persits the information where YOU want it.
  • Swatches - and the ability to define your own Swatches.
  • Displays RGB, HSL and HTML color values.
  • Can be limited to "Web-Safe" colors.
  • Used just like the JColorChooser.
  • Uses the ColorSelectionModel from JColorChooser to listen for changes.

A single developer licence costs just $50 - order 5 licences for $40 each, or 10 at only $35 each! Source code licences are also available for $500. AdvancedColorChooser also ships with the full version of the JPopupSlider component, worth $15.

So why not check out the demo and download it to make a real difference to your Swing applications.

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