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Swing Calendar Component and Java Date Picker Applet - easy to use date components
Flexible sliding menu component for Java Swing Applications
Create unique interfaces that are a joy to use with our JSlideMenu component. Although similar to the JOutlookNavBar component, JSlideMenu is even more powerful - any Swing component can be placed within a category on the Slide Menu, allowing you to create complex but elegant interfaces.

Each category that you add to your JSlideMenu can have a different style for the header button, and feature a different background style - using our FREE Component Renderers library.

As the JSlideMenu is 100% Java, based on the standard Swing MVC paradigm, you can register events to listen for data model changes and category selection.

The speed of the animation can also be configured, and each panel will automatically manage its scroll bars - they only appear when needed, to allow users to always access all of the elments in the panel.

A single developer licence costs just $50 - order 5 licences for $40 each, or 10 at only $35 each! Source code licences are also available for $500. Not only that, but you can get a 30% discount off many other SyGem Swing Components when you order!

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