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Swing Calendar Component and Java Date Picker Applet - easy to use date components
*FREE* Swing Borders
Enhance the appearance of your Swing applictions with this FREE library!
A selection of borders that can be applied to any component in your Java Swing application.

Currently there are 5 borders in this library:

  • ShadowedBorder
    • Designed for creating attractive Eclipse-like applications.
  • PictureFrameBorder
    • Adds an interpolated picture frame effect around a component.
  • FlashingBorder
    • This border can cycle between two borders at a rate that you can configure easily.
  • AnimatedBorder
    • Similar to the FlashingBorder, but you can cycle between as many Borders as you like.
  • StrokedBorder
    • Draws the border using the Stroke and Paint options of the Graphics2D class.

We will be adding to this library over time, so watch out for more quality borders.

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