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Swing Calendar Component and Java Date Picker Applet - easy to use date components
Simple compact slider component for Java Swing Applications
The JPopupSlider is a unique solution to a common problem - the JSlider that comes with Java takes up too much screen space to be used more than a few times on a panel. JPopupSlider solves this by providing a small button for the user to cick on, then displaying a slider in a popup window.

Event listeners can be registered against the popup slider, so you can listen for changes in the slider value. You can also receive action events when the button is pressed and released.

The direction of the popup window can be altered - choose one of 4 directions. You can also set the colors used to outline the popup window and render the slider bar.

Because this component is also a JavaBean, you can use it in your IDE just like any other Swing component.

A single developer licence costs just $15 - order 5 licences for $12 each, or 10 at only $10 each! Source code licences are also available for $150. Please note that the AdvancedColorChooser component comes complete with the full version of the JPopupSlider.

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