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Jazz3D 3.0 API Documentation

Jazz3D 3.0 - Realtime 3D graphics API for Java.


Core Package
com.sygem.jazz3d3 The com.sygem.jazz3d3 package provides all the classes necessary to implement the 3D functionality of Jazz3D.

Optional Extension Packages
com.sygem.jazz3d3.decompression The com.sygem.jazz3d3.decompression package provides a small set of classes which can perform decompression of any valid input stream.
com.sygem.jazz3d3.loader The com.sygem.jazz3d3.loader package provides the ability to load 3d model files into Jazz3D.
com.sygem.jazz3d3.primitive The com.sygem.jazz3d3.primitive package contains pre-defined objects for use in your Jazz3D programs.
com.sygem.jazz3d3.vrml The com.sygem.jazz3d3.vrml package provides the ability to parse and display a VRML model (.wrl).

Other Packages
com.sygem.visimagik The com.sygem.visimagik package provides texture processing facilities for Jazz3D, or other applications.


Jazz3D 3.0 - Realtime 3D graphics API for Java.

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